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Benefits of Tooth Recontouring and Bonding

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If you thought changing your smile meant you had to have braces, veneers, or crowns – think again. Tooth recontouring and bonding are both extremely simple procedures that can transform the way you smile and improve the way you feel about yourself.

Bonding uses tooth colored filling material to re-shape and re-form irregularly shaped areas of the teeth. These include chipped edges, narrow or short teeth, and even gaps between the teeth. Once the material is applied to the tooth and formed into place, it creates the appearance of a full tooth. It can also be used to cover exposed roots in areas of mild to moderate gum recession.

Recontouring is the gentle adjustment of the shapes and edges of the teeth. Perhaps you have healthy, straight teeth but the edges are uneven. When your dentist recontours the teeth, the edges are smoothed so that they are in line with the other teeth. Gum tissue can also be recontoured in a similar manner by adjusting the gumlines so that teeth are larger and the gumlines are even.

Minimal bonding and recontouring treatments produce dramatic results that can completely change the way you look. Many people opt to whiten their teeth prior to their treatment, so that the bonding can be matched to a whiter smile.

If you have generally healthy teeth but aren’t happy with their appearance, ask your dentist about recontouring and bonding. Just a short examination is all that is needed to determine if they are an option for you. The entire treatment can be completed in just one appointment! Ask your dentist for a customized care plan today.

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