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What are Fast Braces?

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If you’ve ever wondered what the fastest way to get your smile straightened was, it’s Fast Braces. Unlike traditional braces, Fast Braces usually take no longer than 6 months to give you full results. Most people begin seeing significant improvements in just the first few months of their treatment.

Fast Braces works differently than other types of orthodontic therapies, because it only focuses on your very front teeth. Smaller brackets (sometimes made of clear, tooth-colored material) are placed on the teeth that you actually want to move – your front ones. Since no adjustments are needed on the back teeth, the movements can take place at a more rapid pace because fewer teeth are being adjusted. Fast Braces will not change the way your back teeth bite together, so it is strictly for cosmetic purposes rather than comprehensive orthodontic therapy.

Wanting your smile to look better doesn’t mean that you have to spend one or two years in braces. If aesthetics are your primary concern, then Fast Braces is an excellent option for helping you feel better about the way your smile looks. Whether your teeth are crowded, crooked, or gapped, Fast Braces can help. It’s appropriate for both adults and teens, giving your family the quick results that you need, without uncomfortable brackets and wires all over your smile. With fewer appointments and appliances, you’ll enjoy your treatment more than the typical braces patient.

This type of treatment is completely safe on your smile and won’t damage your teeth, gums, or bone. Only Fast Braces certified providers are able to provide the service, so be sure to choose a dentist that has received the additional training in this method of care.

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