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Botox in Dentistry?

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While it may sound like an added perk to your smile makeover, getting Botox® from your dentist could mean a lot more for you.

A lot of family and cosmetic dentists are reaching out to offer more services in their practice. This allows them to serve the patients’ needs more completely.

If you wanted to give your smile an all-over boost, wouldn’t you prefer to get it all done at one place?  But you may want to consider looking into Botox® treatment for other dental-related reasons.

  1. Dull TMJ Pain

One of the most common reasons for using Botox® in dentistry is to relax tense muscles around your jaw. Botox® prevents muscles from contracting too much and can provide up to three months of relief from the pain of TMJ disorder.

  1. Save Your Teeth

If you have a chronic habit of bruxism (teeth grinding and/or clenching), then your teeth are in trouble. Botox® can reduce the power of your bite, giving your teeth a much-needed break.

  1. Immune System-Supporting Mood Boost!

You know that good feeling that comes from a workout or healthy lunch or a new haircut?

Botox® can actually provide a similar rush. This drug relaxes muscles to give you relief from chronic pain – that’s a reason to feel good! If you choose to get treatment for cosmetic purposes, you’ll likely experience a big confidence boost.

All those feel-good emotions will help strengthen your immune system to fight off gum disease.

Before diving headfirst into Botox® treatment, you should make sure of what you’re getting into. Consult your dentist or another qualified Botox® provider in your area to find out whether this therapy is right for you.

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