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Do You Need Dental Veneers?

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Are you happy with the way your smile looks?

Like most other people, you probably would make a few changes, if you could.

Do you want teeth that are:

  • Brighter
  • Straighter
  • Smoother
  • More even?

Dental veneers could be just what you’ve been looking for.

What Dental Veneers Do

Veneers are traditionally made from porcelain, but they also come in a slimmer plastic-like version. They’re made as thin as possible so they can neatly fit over the visible portion of your upper front teeth.

Your dentist will need to remove a little of the enamel from the front of your tooth so that the veneers can easily fit. Once your permanent veneers are in place, it’s not coming off. Gently brush and floss around your veneer as you would for any tooth.

Qualify For Veneers

Are veneers right for your smile?

Your teeth should be fully developed and healthy before you can get veneers. A veneer is not a deep restorative treatment, so if you have decay on your tooth, that should be treated first.

Not all problems can be patched up with veneers. For example, if you have a big gap between your teeth, closing it with large veneers will only weaken them. Not to mention, you’ll probably have a bucktoothed look.

Visit your dentist to find out whether veneers could be effective in improving your smile.

Why Choose Veneers?

Even though dental veneers are cosmetic treatments, they can make a big impact on your quality of life. Smoothing out your smile with these delicate porcelain shells could do wonders for your self-respect and confidence levels! They’re definitely worth a try.

Contact your dentist to find out more about the benefits of this cosmetic treatment.

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What Causes Acid Erosion and How to Fix It

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Did you know that your enamel comes under attack on a daily basis?

Your teeth suffer the effects of acid from a variety of sources. Enamel is the hard outermost layer on each tooth. It’s actually the hardest substance in your body. Even so, it’s prone to wear from exposure to acids.

Acids In Your Diet

The most common cause of acid erosion in tooth enamel is simply putting too much acid in your mouth.

Some of your favorite foods could be sources of regular acid exposure for you:

  • Soda
  • Juice
  • Sugar
  • Salad dressing
  • Coffee
  • Wine

Acids In Your Body

Do you suffer from gastro-reflux or another medical condition that causes frequent vomiting?

These issues expose your teeth to acids that should normally stay in your stomach. It’s very common for people with digestive issues to have teeth that are sensitive and look yellow because of enamel loss.

Acids In Your Mouth

Besides acids from your digestive tract, your mouth also gets exposed to acid from the bacteria that live in there. We all carry the germs that cause cavities. These bacteria secrete an acidic waste-product that triggers the start of cavities.

This is why it’s so important to floss and brush daily! Good oral hygiene disrupts the bacterial activity.

How Do You Repair Acid Erosion?

Once the enamel is gone, it won’t grow back. What you can do is strengthen your teeth with fluoride to avoid cavities, sensitivity, and further erosion.

Remineralizing toothpastes may also help.

Depending on the location and extent of the damage, your dentist may recommend dental bonding, crowns, or porcelain veneers. Talk with your dentist to find out which restorative therapy is best for your smile.

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How Do You Get Dental Veneers?

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To get dental veneers, the very first thing you need is a smile consultation with your dentist.

Your dentist will help you make sure that your teeth are good potential candidates. They should be mature and the jaw fully-developed. Overall, your smile will also have to be free of disease.

Once you’re cleared for treatment, the next step is designing how you want your smile to look. Not all veneers are the same. In fact, they are individually-designed for each tooth. Working with your dentist, you get to pick out the color and shape of the final restoration and basically figure out how you want your smile to ultimately look.

The Treatment Phase

At your first veneer appointment, the dentist trims away a bit of the enamel on the front of the teeth. Otherwise, classic porcelain veneers would feel too bulky. Next, he or she takes a mold of the prepared teeth and sends that along with designs off to a veneers lab.

You won’t go home with altered-looking teeth. Instead, the dentist fits you with temporary (often acrylic) veneers to protect your smile. In a matter of days or a couple weeks later, you’re called back in to get your permanent new veneers bonded in place.

Why Try Veneers?

As a dental veneer covers only the front of a tooth, it’s not meant to provide structural support. But it does benefit your tooth by giving it a smooth and flawless appearance.

You can repair just one tooth or several and hide stain, old fillings, small fractures, and gaps all with the help of veneers. Ask your dentist how.

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Why Do My Teeth Look So Rough?

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For a long time now you’ve been coveting the smooth, gleaming white smile that all celebrities have.

Why don’t your teeth look like that?

While rough enamel may not be a threat to the health of your teeth, it could be bad enough to make you hide your smile in shame.

Causes Of Rough Enamel

One common reason for worn enamel is acid erosion. If your teeth are in regular contact with sugary and acidic foods or if you suffer from acid-reflux or frequent vomiting, then your enamel will suffer.

Aggressive brushing can also wear away enamel and cause irregularities in texture. Or, ingesting too much fluoride when you were a child may also have affected your tooth development.

Another condition called “enamel hypoplasia” can give your teeth a pitted appearance. This usually happens if you suffered some sort of serious disease when you were young.

Cosmetic Treatment For Rough Enamel

If you’re not happy with the look or texture of your smile, it’s okay to do something about it!

From chips to deep staining to a mottled texture, there are procedures to treat all kinds of enamel imperfections. Some of these include:

  • Dental bonding
  • Cosmetic veneers
  • Enamel reshaping

Porcelain dental veneers are very common for treating rough surfaces. They’re like false fronts put over your upper teeth that show when you smile. A veneer is a thin shell of porcelain that replaces that outer layer of enamel and gives your tooth a completely smooth surface.

Plan a smile consultation with your local dentist to find out if you qualify for veneers or some other tooth-smoothing procedure.

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How Long Do Dental Veneers Last?

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If you decide to get veneers, one thing that may stand out to you is the price tag. Fortunately, dental veneers are more affordable than you may realize when you factor in payment plans offered by your dental office.

Still, once you get that beautiful new smile, you’ll want to find a way to keep it there forever (and get the most out of your investment.)

Reality of Dental Restorations

It’s an unfortunate fact of dentistry that there are no restorations that will last for life. Taking away one part of a tooth and covering it with a manmade material is never going to compare to the strength of a whole natural tooth.

Veneers are no exception. Of course, they cannot be placed as a substitute for dental fillings. They replace only a shallow layer of tooth enamel. But they are still prone to the wear and tear that comes with years of doing what teeth are made to do.

Are You Doing Your Part?

How you treat your veneers can make them last longer. With proper brushing and flossing, you can keep your new smile looking clean and staying strong. Veneers aren’t likely to stain, but stain might collect along the border between the porcelain and your tooth, if you aren’t careful.

Definitely don’t forget that a veneer doesn’t make your tooth invincible to cavities. Once decay sets in, that veneer will need to come off, anyway. Oral hygiene and fluoride use is essential!

Some veneers around today were placed around 20 years ago. There’s hope on the horizon that they’ll only last longer and longer as dentistry continues to improve. Talk with your dentist to get a realistic outlook on what to expect from dental veneers.

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What Exactly Are Dental Veneers?

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If the idea of dental veneers is a little vague to you, you’re not alone. But these fantastic cosmetic restorations are a proven, decades-old secret to getting a killer smile.

Better Than Bleaching

Dental veneers are slim shells of porcelain that replace a thin layer of enamel on the front of a tooth. Being that they are so delicate, porcelain veneers are designed to enhance the appearance of a person’s smile; they don’t provide structural support.

A dental veneer can erase major cosmetic problems when bleaching and fillings cannot. These include:

  • Deep staining
  • Rough texture
  • Small chips
  • Gaps between teeth
  • A patch-job of old fillings

Who is a Candidate for Veneers?

Any adult who wants to give their smile a boost is a potential candidate for veneers. From brightening the color to evening out an uneven edge, this powerful false front can make a big difference. However, they should only be placed on adult teeth.

What to Expect with Veneers

After you get the OK to start treatment, your dentist will help you design your dream smile.

What shade do you want your veneers to be? Do you need just one or several? What shape?

Next, your dentist will prepare your teeth and take an impression. The mold gets sent to a lab where each veneer is carefully crafted by hand. In the meantime, you get to wear a temporary one. When the permanent copies are ready, the dentist will check the fit and then cement them into place.

Keen to give dental veneers a try? Ask your dentist what the process is like. A professional consultation will help you determine whether or not this cosmetic procedure is right for you.

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3 Ways to Afford Dental Veneers

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Dental veneers are beautiful “false fronts” that can even out and brighten just about any smile. Do you have to pay for them entirely out-of-pocket? Take a look at the following tips for some helpful inspiration.

  1. Do Some Research on Insurance

Most insurances won’t cover the cost of purely cosmetic dental treatment. But you may need something to repair minor damage you experienced in some sort of accident. As long as the damage to the tooth is not too deep, veneers could serve a bit of a restorative purpose.

It would be a good idea to investigate the policy of your insurance company (and others) to see whether there is some way to get coverage.

  1. Shop Around

The cost of cosmetic dentistry tends to vary with location.

While you shouldn’t settle for a dental practice simply because it’s cheaper (that can say something about the experience and quality), you could get a better deal by seeking treatment out of town or a different type of veneer.

  1. Try Out a Payment Plan

Almost every dental office that provides cosmetic procedures like dental veneers has some sort of in-house financing or payment plan. Your dentist works to make the care you want as easy as possible for you to access.

You might even find that having multiple veneers placed at once will get you a discount on the overall cost.

The results that you’ll see in your smile from dental veneers could change your life! It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask your dentist about how veneers can make a difference in your smile. Schedule a consultation to find out whether veneers are right for you.

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How Dental Veneers Can Change a Smile

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Did you ever look in the mirror and wish that you could change the tiniest thing in your smile? Maybe it’s the color of your teeth. Is there a gap you’d like to close? Or you wish there was some way to change the size of your teeth.

Whatever the reason, a change to your smile may be easier than you imagine. Give dental veneers a try!

How to Wear Veneers

First of all, let your dentist know that you’re interested in veneers. He or she will set you up with a consultation. You’ll get to design how many teeth you would like to “fix” with a veneer. This includes selecting size, shape, material, and color.

Your existing teeth will be prepped and a mold or template created based on an impression of them. The new veneers are created in a dental lab. Once they’re made to suit your preference, your dentist will cement them into place over your prepared teeth.

The result? One or more beautifully-shaped teeth as seen from the front!

What to Expect with Veneers

Veneers are basically false-fronts that let you keep and enhance your natural teeth. They’re a conservative alternative to full dental crowns, in terms of aesthetics.

Dental veneers can transform an adult’s smile instantly. Veneers even out the spaces between teeth, create a uniform color, and smooth out areas that are chipped.

Just about anyone with a permanent set of teeth is a candidate for veneers. To find out whether veneers are right for you as well, plan a visit to your local dentist.

A small change could make a big difference!

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How to Make Your Teeth Look Bigger

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Some people are really sick of having tiny teeth! There usually isn’t a big problem with having small teeth. Some folks just feel that they look like a little kid when they smile.

Do small teeth bother you? You have a few options to change the way you feel about your smile!

Are Your Teeth Really the Problem?

The first thing to consider is whether your teeth are actually tiny. The problem may simply be that you have too much gum tissue covering your teeth. This could be natural or the result of a medication you’re taking. Excess gum tissue can be carefully trimmed away and contoured to reveal more of the crown of a tooth.

Your Best Option for Making Your Teeth Bigger

If you genuinely have small teeth (which is a possibility!), then dental veneers could be your answer. Veneers serve as permanent false fronts. They change the appearance of the front of your teeth by increasing their size and closing up gaps between them.

If Gaps are the Problem

Sometimes, teeth look small just because they’re rather spaced out. It’s no shame to have braces as an adult! You may discover that a little orthodontic help can bring your teeth into a uniform line, making them look much more natural, proportionally speaking.

It’s quite common, in fact, for patients to combine any and all of the above-listed suggestions. You might also benefit from overlapping a few different procedures. Have fun as you customize your own plan for changing your little teeth into a smile you can show off with pride! Contact your dentist for more details.

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3 Facts About Dental Veneers

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Giving some thought to enhancing your smile with a little help from dental veneers? Then this is just what you need to get a better idea of what to expect!

Dental Veneers Give An Instant Smile Boost

It does take a little time to design your new smile with veneers, but they will give you faster results than whitening and braces do! Veneers are placed to just the fronts of the top front teeth. This can even out teeth that are gapped, chipped, a little twisted, or deeply stained. They can give your smile a more even appearance within a matter of a couple weeks.

Dental Veneers Are Custom Made

Dental veneers are not cookie-cutter restorations. This means that they aren’t the paste-on white squares some people think they are. Rather, you decide how you want your smile to look, first. Your dentist will then help you choose the number, color, size, and shape of the veneers that will best suit your smile.

Your teeth are matched for a fit, and then a mold is sent to a lab with directions so that your veneers fit perfectly as you expected.

Dental Veneers Last Longer Than Dental Bonding

Bonding is a popular option for repairing small chips on front teeth. But if the fracture is not too big, then a veneer may be just right for you. Dental bonding needs to be updated, but a veneer should last much longer.

Your dentist will give you personalized recommendations for restoration solutions. A professional examination will help you understand even better what your smile needs to stand out in a crowd! Call your local dental office today to set up a consultation for dental veneers.

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