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Three Ways Implants Save Your Smile

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Dental implants have completely changed the way people are restoring their smiles. What used to be a foreign concept has become a streamlined, minimally invasive treatment that has replaced other dental prosthesis, as we know them.

Implants give you a permanent alternative

No other tooth replacement option is permanent. Dental implants are. Once you place an implant, there is a 98% success rate that ensures it will last through the rest of your life. Most tooth replacement options are removable or need to be completely replaced every 10-15 years. With dental implants it’s like having brand new teeth and a second chance at a permanent smile. 

Dental implants preserve your natural bone and smile

By replacing a missing tooth with an implant, you’re giving your jaw a surface area to cling to. Otherwise the bone would resorb and the jaw would become weakened. Neighboring teeth would also lose bone support. Implants preserve bone and encourage new bone growth. They also prevent teeth from drifting out of place and becoming crooked due to extra space in the mouth.

Other teeth aren’t impacted

Traditional tooth replacement options like bridges meant reshaping and removing healthy tooth enamel on neighboring teeth in order for the restoration to be placed. With an implant, the new tooth stands independent of other teeth in the mouth. That means otherwise healthy teeth can continue being healthy! Why grind down a healthy tooth when you don’t have to, only to have to do the same thing 10 years later when the restoration needs to be replaced?

Why not consider dental implants for your smile needs? Call your dentist for your no-pressure consultation today.

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