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3 Characteristics of a Great Fitting Denture

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To be happy with your denture, you need to be sure that it fits great. Otherwise it can cause problems day after day that leave you feeling miserable, self-conscious and prevent you from doing everyday activities like talk on the phone or enjoy a meal.

Here are 3 signs that you should look for in a great fitting denture:

Stability Without Adhesives or Pastes

With a properly fitted denture, you should be able to talk and eat without your denture lifting out of place. Adhesives and pastes simply buy you time between denture relining or fitting, but they don’t solve the problem. The right denture will seal against your gum tissues, creating suction that holds in in place all day long. Wearing your denture too long may lead to bone loss, which causes the denture to lose this suction. 

No Sore Spots

If your denture is wearing on parts of your mouth, creating sore spots or open wounds, you need to see a dentist. This is probably due to changes in your bone anatomy, weight loss, or extensive wear of your prosthesis. You may only need an adjustment or a reline to help the denture fit better.

Give it Time

If your denture is new, it may take some practice to get used to wearing it. You may need to wear the denture all day for several days before you feel comfortable talking or eating with it, but slowly and surely you will grow more acclimated to the prosthesis. If after a month or so you are still having problems, call your dentist.

Remember, denture patients need dental checkups too! See your dentist for a denture exam and oral cancer screening every 6 months.

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