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Don’t Let Diabetes Destroy Your Smile

Living with diabetes can be a constant challenge. Knowing the right way to take care of yourself doesn’t only impact your blood sugar levels – it also affects your smile. Did you know that the more or less your blood sugar levels are controlled will directly impact the health of your teeth and gums?

Conditions like periodontal disease (gum disease) are more likely to worsen and lead to tooth loss in people with uncontrolled diabetes. Likewise, unmanaged gum disease is likely to result in uncontrolled blood sugar levels. This is caused by an immune response throughout the body that is triggered by the increased oral bacterial levels entering into the bloodstream through the mouth.

First things first: visit your dentist. A thorough cleaning and information on effective oral hygiene can jump-start your oral health back in the direction that it needs to be. Your dentist will screen for areas of localized gum disease so you can know what parts of your mouth need more attention than others. After reviewing your oral hygiene routine, your dental hygienist can help you pinpoint methods that remove plaque biofilm more thoroughly on an everyday basis.

By improving your oral hygiene and dental health, diabetics can enjoy healthier smiles and healthier lives. Many people find that once their oral health is where it needs to be, they can finally control their diabetic condition once and for all. All it takes is an active person like yourself to take the steps that you need to improving your body as a whole, not in parts. Remember to discuss your health changes and medications with your dentist at every check up!

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