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Keeping Your Teeth Healthy Over the Holidays

During the holiday season most of us spurge on delectable edibles that are sitting around the office, being made in our kitchen, or finding their way to the dinner table as we gather with friends and family. How is it possible to enjoy these treats while at the same time protecting the health of your smile? 

Add a Fluoride Rinse at Night

Fluoride restores strength to your tooth enamel that may have been lost during the day. Using it after brushing and before bedtime can protect your teeth from cavities or sensitivity caused by some of your favorite holiday foods and drinks. 

Eat Your Dessert Sooner Rather than Later

Having all of your food at one time will reduce the amount of time that active acids spend on your teeth. Instead of snacking on treats throughout the afternoon, eat them all at once.

Drink Lots of Water

Water naturally cleanses your teeth. Keep a refillable bottle of tap water with you throughout the day, or rinse in the restroom after a snack. Tap water contains fluoride, making it even better than bottled water.

Remember, just about anything is ok in moderation. Unless you’re eating sweets 24/7, you aren’t going to be causing irreversible damage over one day of feasting and treats. However, if you’re experiencing any types of sensitivity from triggers like heat or sweets, it’s time to call your dentist right away. The last thing you want is a toothache when you’re out of town to see family. Consider catching up on your oral health needs before your end of year benefits expire, and reduce the chance of a dental emergency during this busy time of year.

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