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What You Should Know About the Color of Your Gums

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We tend to think a little more about the color and health of our teeth. But your gums are just as important to pay attention to.

Is This Normal?

Gum color is determined in the same way your skin color is: genetics and melanin.

Gingival tissues range in hues from light pink to coral pink to tan to dark brown. Your gum color is probably similar to that of your parents’ since it’s hereditary. It’s not uncommon for some individuals to have a mix of colors. Yes, some people even have freckles on their gums!

Just because your gums don’t look exactly like the bright pink ones on the toothpaste package doesn’t mean that they aren’t healthy and beautiful, too.

The Color You DON’T Want to See

A strong hint of red in your gum tissue is usually a bad sign. It indicates that your gums are irritated and inflamed with bacteria. You may have gingivitis or gum disease that requires gum treatment.  When plaque builds up in one area for too long, your gums react by causing their blood vessels to swell. This results in puffy red gums that are prone to bleeding. Blue or purple tissue is even worse!

How to Change the Color of Your Gums

If your gums are naturally dark-hued, it’s possible to get them lightened. Some dentists and gum specialists offer gum-bleaching procedures. A few people choose to lighten their gums simply because they prefer the look of white teeth against pink gums.

What can you do about gum inflammation? Visit your local dentist for a gum health assessment. A professional dental cleaning and some flossing tips will have your gum color back to normal again.

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3 Ways Gum Therapy Can Change Your Smile

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You have had a detailed discussion with our dentist and/or hygienist about how periodontal treatment will help bring your gums back to a state of health. What are some of the improvements you can expect to see in your smile as a result of gum therapy?

Get a less “gummy” smile.

In improving the health of your gums, the dentist may recommend the removal of excess gum tissue around the tooth by means of a simple laser procedure. This recontouring of the gums will reduce the depth of the pocket that once harbored disease, and will make accessing the pocket with a toothbrush and floss much easier for you. Having your gum line adjusted this way will expose more of your beautiful teeth so that you don’t have as much of a “gummy” smile as before.

Freshen your breath.

Gum disease is caused by bacteria that cause a break down in gum attachment and bone support. This infection typically causes a peculiar odor and taste in the mouth. When you get treatment to reduce the bacteria and encourage healing, the bad taste and smell should also go away.

Improve the appearance of your gums.

When your gums are troubled by disease, they tend to be puffier, looser, and even redder than they would be in health. This is because the inflammation increases fluid and blood flow in the gums. After gum therapy, the gums have the opportunity to regain a normal texture and color.

After gum therapy, you can definitely experience an improved smile. You can then talk and laugh with the confidence that your breath isn’t offensive to anyone. Talk with your dentist and hygienist about what you can do to maintain healthy gums.

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