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Does Medical Insurance Ever Cover Dental Care?

You probably never expected your dentist to ask for your medical insurance card. They only take dental insurance, right? Although your policy might be carried through the same company, both of these plans are different and unique. What does medical coverage have to do with a trip to the dentist? If You’re Getting Treated for […]

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What’s the Typical Age for a Dental Implant Patient?

It’s estimated that over 50% of adults have at least one missing tooth. It doesn’t matter what age you are…20….40….80. The impact of having an extra space in your smile is something that affects more than just your appearance. It can prevent you from eating correctly or even impact your self-esteem. With dental implants, you […]

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Three Habits That are Bad for Your Teeth

If you brush daily and don’t eat too much sugar, that’s all your smile needs…right? Not necessarily. Here are 3 habits you might not have known could be bad for your teeth: Chewing Ice  Ice chewing might be linked to health issues like anemia, but that isn’t the only thing that should be at the […]

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East Cobb Orthodontics – Dr. John Iaculli

East Cobb Orthodontics – Dr. John Iaculli

East Cobb Orthodontics – Dr. John Iaculli

2810 Lassiter Rd
Marietta, GA 30062
(770) 993-7118

We are your most trusted source for specialized orthodontics in the East Cobb area.  Dr. John Iaculli Is an experienced and talented orthodontist who can correct bite irregularities, overcrowded teeth and gapped teeth using the most advanced technique and technology in the industry.  At our practice, we understand how important it is to have a straight smile, both for aesthetics and function.  Not only can a crooked smile damage your self-confidence, but it can also impact your oral health.  Dr. Iaculli carries a depth of knowledge and experience when it comes to orthodontics and he is dedicated to finding a personalized treatment plan that fits your needs, lifestyle and budget.  For children, teens and adults in the Marietta area, we offer custom orthodontic appliances, traditional metal braces, lingual braces as well as the latest clear braces technology.  All of our services are performed in the comfort of a warm, caring office environment using state-of-the-art equipment and proven orthodontic technology.

When it comes to your smile, you can trust Dr. Iaculli.  We understand the drawbacks that many patients face when considering braces as a teen or adult.  Our practice offers many clear or invisible braces options to ensure patients have the opportunity to straighten their smile without the unwanted visibility of metal brackets and bands.  Invisalign and Damon Clear are both revolutionary clear braces systems that provide significant benefits such as comfort, convenience and fast treatment time.  Let East Cobb Orthodontics discover your best smile correction solution today.  Our team of professionals will always listen carefully to your goals and preferences before recommending the most effective treatment plan for you.  Regardless of your age or the severity of your bite problems, we can help you.

Our office proudly offers a variety of flexible financing plans and we accept most insurance plans for your benefit.  Dr. Iaculli is committed to continuing his education in the orthodontic field and he is passionate about helping patients achieve a healthy, more brilliant smile using the latest technology in the industry.  Contact East Cobb Orthodontics for a reputable clear braces orthodontist who can improve your smile at any age.

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2810 Lassiter Rd
Marietta, Georgia 30062

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