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What Is “Teeth Alignment?”

‘Tooth alignment’ generally refers to the way your teeth fit together in your smile. Dental offices that make adjustments in the position of teeth may offer “teeth alignment” services. “Ortho” means straight and “-dont” refers to teeth. So “orthodontic” means straightening teeth, or bringing them back into healthy alignment. This is usually done with the […]

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Four Signs You’re Losing Your Enamel

Enamel erosion is an ongoing and insidious process. It’s downright deadly to teeth if you don’t stop it in time. What is enamel erosion? It’s physical wear to the outer layer of your tooth structure. This process commonly happens as a result of acid exposure, but it can also be due to mechanical causes, such […]

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Am I Old Enough for a Dental Implant?

You’re probably reading this because you’re a teenager who wants to fill a gap in your smile with a dental implant. Or you may know of a young person who could benefit from a dental implant. Here’s what you should consider before getting an artificial new tooth. Are You Done Growing? The first and foremost […]

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Dothan AL Dentist

Do your gums feel sore and puffy? If you have dental concerns and are currently needing dental care, then our Dothan AL dentist would be pleased to take you on as a new patient. Our office is clean, warm and welcoming, and you are assured of the very best in dental care. Our dental care professionals work very hard to offer all our patients excellent dental care in pleasant, comfortable surroundings.

Dothan Dental Care Services

Our Dothan AL family dentist likes helping patients restore their smile so that they feel confident and happy about the way their teeth look. Our dental care office can offer you a complete range of general dental services to help improve or maintain your overall dental health, as well as many other more complex dental care services. Dental technology has become extremely advanced during the last few years and you may be amazed to find out just what our dental care providers can do for you.

We can freshen up your smile with a simple teeth cleaning or can give your smile a complete makeover with quality cosmetic or restorative dentistry. Of course our primary aim is to ensure you have excellent dental health and our family dentist will show you the best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy. It's amazing what a difference a good daily oral hygiene routine can make, especially when combined with regular dental checkups and cleanings. You can rest assured in knowing that you will receive the highest level of dental care in a warm, relaxing environment.

Family Dentistry

Contact our Dothan AL dentist today for the very best in dental care. Our dental care professionals can provide excellent dental care services to help restore your smile and maintain good dental health. We are happy to schedule a consultation to give you a general assessment of the dental care service you may require and recommend a personalized dental plan.