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What Are Snap-on Dentures – Pros and Cons of Snap-on Dentures

Regular dentures can slip out of one’s mouth easily, causing public embarrassment. The solution to this problem comes from snap-on dentures, which snap on to dental implants placed at the sides of the inner jaw. Sometimes, multiple implant posts are used as anchors for the snap-on dentures. These dentures stay in place and do not […]

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Are Dental Implants Safe?

With a history of 30-plus years, dental implants wouldn’t be so popular today if they were unsafe. If anything, the whole implant placement process only gets safer with each technological advancement. Why Implants Are Biocompatible Some materials can trigger allergic reactions and cause the body to reject a foreign object. Making the implant screws out […]

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5 Reasons Why Gum Recession is Bad for Your Smile

Age, tooth alignment, smoking, and other factors can cause gum recession. It’s often impossible to prevent. Yet, there are five good reasons you should try to slow down and repair gum recession if it happens to you. Your Teeth Will Get More Sensitive Exposed tooth roots are very sensitive without the protective covering of gum […]

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Stone Mountain GA Dentist

Do you need reliable dental care services in Stone Mountain? Look no further than our dental practice. Our Stone Mountain GA dentist is dedicated to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams while maintaining excellent overall dental health. Our dental care professionals are committed to working with patients from all walks of life and making each dentist visit as comfortable as possible. We offer comprehensive dental care services that can address the dental needs for you and your entire family.

Stone Mountain Dental Care Services

Our Stone Mountain GA dental care office understands that comprehensive dental care is important to you and to your family. We will conduct a thorough dental exam and then develop a dental care plan that will optimize the dental health of you and your children. Our dentist utilizes state-of-the-art dental equipment and a gentle touch to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your dental treatment. Additionally, our dental practice can offer sedation dentistry to help you relax in order to receive any extensive dental care necessary.

We offer a full range of dental services that are designed to meet any dental needs you may have. Our family dentist can help enhance your smile with teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and more. We can also help restore chipped, broken or missing teeth with bridges, partials, dental implants and more. From general dental care to cosmetic dentistry to restorative dentistry, our dentist office is your one-stop-shop for the highest quality of dental care services available.

Family Dentistry

Your teeth need to last a lifetime and we are committed to making them last with a healthy shine from the inside to the outside. Kids, adults and seniors alike can benefit from our unparalleled list of dental care service options. Contact our Stone Mountain GA dentist today and schedule your appointment! We look forward to maintaining the dental health of you and your family for many years.