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What’s It Like to Have a Dental Implant?

Here’s all you want to know about having a dental implant, in a nutshell. The Procedure Getting an implant usually takes less than an hour. You won’t feel a thing when the dentist places the metal screw. You’ll get a temporary prosthesis to fill in the gap, and once the area is healed, the permanent […]

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Could a New Health Care Plan Affect Your Dental Care?

There’s plenty of buzz about how proposed changes to health care coverage will affect the nation. Millions of people are rightly concerned about the future of their family’s medical (and dental) treatment. Will The New Bill Affect Dental Care? According to the Health Affairs Blog, while the Trump administration’s proposed plan would make many changes […]

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Minimize the Effects of Acid Erosion on Your Tooth Enamel

Acids attack tooth enamel every time you eat. Carbohydrates that enter your mouth fuel bacteria that produce even more acid. With this steady chemical erosion persisting over time, your tooth enamel can wear out to the point that your teeth get sensitive and/or develop cavities. How do you counter the effects? Try the following five […]

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Rock Hill SC Dentist

Are you seeking a full service dental office in Rock Hill that is both relaxing and professional? The inviting environment at our dentist office is just what you have been looking for. Our dental care professionals are committed to treating each patient with care and compassion in providing the best possible dental care services around. Our Rock Hill SC dentist will provide personalized dental care while helping ensure your overall dental health.

Rock Hill Dental Care Services

At our Rock Hill SC dental care office, we pride ourselves on our broad range of both cutting edge and basic dental care services. Our family dentist will conduct a thorough dental exam and discuss any issues and dental care treatments with you. Our dental practice utilizes the latest in dental care technology and procedures to handle all your dental needs from teeth cleaning to full dental restoration. No matter your dental needs, our dentist will deliver superior dental services that will have you smiling from ear to ear.

Because we are a full service dentist office, our family dentist can treat much more than simple cleanings or fillings. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, our dental experts provide cosmetic dentistry that can include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and more. If you have chipped, broken or missing teeth, our restorative dentistry services can help restore the beauty of your teeth with crowns, bridges or dental implants. Our dentist understands that having a healthy and beautiful smile is important to you, which is why we work hard to help keep your teeth healthy and bright.

Family Dentistry

Our mission is to help you maintain the healthy smile you love while maintaining or improving your dental health. You will receive exceptional dental care services to help with all your dental needs. Contact our Rock Hill SC dentist today to set up an appointment for great dental health for you and your family.