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Are Dental Implants Safe?

With a history of 30-plus years, dental implants wouldn’t be so popular today if they were unsafe. If anything, the whole implant placement process only gets safer with each technological advancement. Why Implants Are Biocompatible Some materials can trigger allergic reactions and cause the body to reject a foreign object. Making the implant screws out […]

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5 Reasons Why Gum Recession is Bad for Your Smile

Age, tooth alignment, smoking, and other factors can cause gum recession. It’s often impossible to prevent. Yet, there are five good reasons you should try to slow down and repair gum recession if it happens to you. Your Teeth Will Get More Sensitive Exposed tooth roots are very sensitive without the protective covering of gum […]

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Why Are Dental Crowns So Expensive?

Dental “caps” seem so small that most people wonder why they tend to cost three digits or more. Are crowns really worth it? Why do they cost more than a filling? A Crown Costs the Dentist, Too Small though they are, dental crowns require a lot of behind-the-scenes work and support. Your dentist has to […]

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St. George SC Dentist

Are you seeking a dentist in St. George for regularly scheduled dental cleanings or any dental issues that you are currently experiencing? Well, your search is over! Our dentist office offers years of experience and a proven record to provide exceptional dental care services that are unmatched anywhere. Our St. George SC dentist provides comprehensive dental care services that will help clean, brighten and straighten your teeth while helping to maintain or improve your overall dental health.

St. George Dental Care Services

Our St. George SC dental care office works to take every aspect of your dental care into consideration. Our family dentist realizes that each patient has unique and individual dental needs. After a thorough dental exam, our dentist will discuss any findings and recommended dental treatments. We will develop a personalized dental care plan that will address any dental concerns and help keep your teeth in the best possible condition. No matter your dental needs, rest assured that you and your family will receive quality dental care in a warm, relaxing environment.

Regularly scheduled dental treatment is the best way to prevent future dental issues. But what if you have a more immediate dental need? Our dental practice offers a complete line of dental care services for issues such as discolored teeth, broken or missing teeth, root canals and more. Our dentist office provides cosmetic, restorative and sedation dentistry to create a beautiful smile and excellent dental health while ensuring your comfort and assurance. We take great pride in delivering the best dental care services available in the most comfortable atmosphere possible.

Family Dentistry

Whether it’s you, your children or a family friend that need dental care, our dental experts will take care of all your dental needs. Contact our St. George SC dentist today to schedule an appointment for better dental health. We look forward to hearing from you and becoming your dentist for years to come.