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Why Does My Dentist Say I Need Braces When My Teeth Are Straight?

Like many others blessed with wonderfully tidy rows of teeth, you’re probably quite content with your smile. Maybe even a little proud. So what exactly is your dentist looking at when he says you need braces? You don’t have to worry that your dentist is trying to push an unnecessary service on you. There is […]

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What Makes My Teeth So Sensitive?

Dental hypersensitivity can have a number of causes. A combination of factors, in some cases. To figure out what’s going on with your teeth, it helps to get a little background info. Anatomy Of A Sensitive Tooth All teeth have hollow chambers in their centers. These spaces are filled with blood vessels and loads of […]

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What Does it Feel Like to Get Dental Sedation?

“Sleep through your treatment!” “You won’t remember a thing!” “Banish dental phobia forever!” You’ve heard a lot about sedation dentistry. Although it sounds like an ideal setup, you’re a little concerned about what to expect. Here’s an idea of what you might experience with dental sedation. Nitrous oxide: This is a colorless and odorless gas […]

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Gainesville GA Dentist

Dr. Michael Vetter, Dr. Paul Gannon, and Dr. Donald Phillips lead Gainesville Dental Group. Each dentist brings his specialized training to our dental practice so that together we can provide the residents of Gainesville, GA, the most complete and comprehensive dental care. Our dental practice truly is like a family to our entire staff, and we welcome each patient into the same welcoming and caring environment. Gainesville Dental Group is dedicated to preserving the health of your smile and restoring or enhancing it when needed. Our top priority is ensuring your oral health that will result in a beautiful, long-lasting smile.

Cosmetic, Family, and Implant Dentistry

Gainesville Dental Group provides complete dental services to our patients. We want to serve all of your dental care needs without having to refer you to other specialists. As a cosmetic, family, and implant dental provider our dentistry services include:

• Cosmetic Dentistry

• Routine Checkups, exams, cleanings, fillings, and oral cancer screenings

• Crowns and bridges

• Dentures and Implants

• Oral Surgery

• Teeth Whitening

• Orthodontics

Orthodontics for All Ages

A beautifully straight smile is one that people feel confident about and enjoy showing off. If you are self-conscious about the appearance of our smile, Gainesville Dental Group is proud to offer orthodontics for all ages to the residents of Gainesville, GA. Children, teens, and adults can all benefit from orthodontics, and if you have decided that you are ready to improve your smile please give Gainesville Dental Group a call. We provide clear and metal braces and Invisalign clear aligners to our patients, and we provide comprehensive treatment planning to help you achieve the smile that you have always dreamed of.

Gainesville Dental Group provides a caring and comfortable environment for patients of all ages to receive the highest quality dental care and services.

Gainesville Dental Group | 1026 Thompson Bridge Road | Gainesville, GA 30501 | (770) 297-0401

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