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Not Enough Bone for an Implant? Not Necessarily a Problem

“Use it or lose it” holds true for a lot of things, including your jawbone. The bone in your jaw is very sensitive to pressure from teeth. When tooth roots apply regular force against the bone, it triggers natural processes that reinforce the bone. Take those teeth away, and your bone will only disintegrate in […]

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Try a Crown in a Day!

Gone are the days of waiting for weeks to get your new dental crown. Many dental offices are providing these restorations within a single visit. Is a same day crown right for you? Crown In A Day – How? CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing) technology is an up-and-coming field in dentistry. Dental practices are investing […]

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The Time of Day You Schedule Your Kids’ Appointments is Important!

You’re unbelievably busy. Sometimes, just too busy to worry about details like what time your child’s dental appointment is at. But that’s one small detail that you might not want to brush off so quickly. When it comes to kids, a little time makes a big difference. The time of day your child comes in […]

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Gwinnett County Root Canals

At Rowe Family Dental Care in Gwinnett County, we offer painless root canals. A root canal will save a problematic tooth that is dying from infection, decay or trauma. Without a root canal, most patients lose the problematic tooth. When a tooth is lost, the process of replacing a tooth can be extensive and costly. For high quality, painless root canals in Gwinnett County, trust Dr. Mark Rowe at Rowe Family Dental Care.

Dr. Rowe is Duluth’s gentle dentist. Dr. Rowe makes your comfort a priority. The actual root canal procedure isn’t really painful; it can be compared to getting a filling. The pain from needing a root canal is where the problems begin. Dr. Rowe knows how hard it can be to live with the pain of an infected or decaying tooth. Dr. Rowe makes the root canal procedure a welcomed event, helping to save your natural tooth and eliminate your pain.

Duluth GA Root Canal Dentist

When you need a dependable and compassionate root canal dentist in Duluth GA, turn to Dr. Mark Rowe at Rowe Family Dental Care. When a tooth becomes badly infected or if is severely decayed, the nerve and pulp inside the tooth will die. In a root canal, the pulp and nerve are removed so the tooth can be cleaned, sealed and saved. You can trust Dr. Mark Rowe as your root canal dentist. Dr. Rowe is a respected area dentist. Rowe Family Dental Care handles all aspects of your dental health including painless root canals. Call us for all of your general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry needs.

Painless Root Canals

Dr. Mark Rowe, the gentle dentist, offers painless root canals. Rowe Family Dental Care is committed to serving your oral health in a gentle, caring manner. We proudly offer high quality dental care to each and every patient. If you are experiencing tooth pain and think you need a root canal, call us today.

Rowe Family Dental Care provides an exceptional level of family dental care and attention to patients of all ages with comfort and compassionate in and around the Duluth area.

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