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Chronic Bad Breath

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Let’s face it, bad breath can be just plain embarrassing. Chronic halitosis (bad breath) can have a seriously negative impact of your personal and professional life. From having people back away from you as you speak, or having people turn their faces away from you, to having loved ones avoid kisses from you – bad breath can really stink, pun intended. But what many people with chronic bad breath may not be aware of is that it can actually be a sign of a more serious health problem. Bad breath should not be ignored or masked with chewing gum or mouth wash. Chronic bad breath needs professional dental care to find its source and to help treat it.

For many people, bad breath is simply a sign of poor dental hygiene. When there is a heavy presence of bacteria in the mouth it can decay and cause the breath to stink. Often times, bad breath that is caused by this can be corrected by practicing good oral hygiene at home through brushing at least twice a day and flossing every day. Keeping regular dental appointments for cleanings and checkups is also a necessary part of promoting good oral health.

For some, chronic bad breath is a symptom of a much more serious problem. Prolonged sinus infections and uncontrolled diabetes often causes severe halitosis. Dry mouth that is triggered by certain medications can also lead to chronic bad breath. By seeing a dentist regarding halitosis conditions that need medical care are often brought to the attention of patients.

If you or a loved one suffers from chronic bad breath, make an appointment with your dentist. Together you can find out the cause of your halitosis and you can come up with a treatment plan that will help to minimize your chronic bad breath.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Byron Scott, Springhill Dental Health Center


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