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Four Causes of Halitosis

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Halitosis (chronic bad breath) can destroy your social life, relationships, and even affect your career choices. It’s a touchy subject to bring up, but your dentist is always available to help if bad breath is a concern.

Gum Disease

Periodontal disease can cause tooth loss, but it can also cause bad breath. Odorous bacteria reside along and under the gumlines, destroying bone and gum tissue. To prevent this from happening, brush and floss your teeth thoroughly along the gumlines. 

Health Problems

Conditions like acid reflux disease or even dietary imbalances may cause odorous bacteria to come back up into the mouth during digestion. Instead of self-medicating, it’s important to see your primary care provider to discuss the best way to manage imbalances and dietary conditions. 


Nasal drainage in the back of the throat, along with mouth breathing can alter the flora inside of your mouth. Bad breath is a common side effect. Many adults see this in their children, when nasal congestion causes them to breath through their mouth throughout the day.

Mints or Mouth Rinses

Trying to cover up bad breath with mints, gums, or mouthrinses can make breath even worse. Alcohol-containing rinses dry out your mouth, altering the bacterial levels that affect your breath. Likewise, mints or gums can provide bacteria with sugar to eat on and produce more odorous bacteria.

Have your dentist examine your mouth to make sure it is free of infections or other conditions. Cleaning your tongue each day, drinking plenty of water and managing your health are essential. Schedule a cleaning to freshen your breath and enjoy a healthier smile.

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