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Composite Bonding and Tooth Recontouring

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Minor irregularities and uneven tooth edges can make your smile look less than perfect. Small chips in the teeth or gaps here and there provide a hindrance when it comes to looking your best, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be difficult to correct them. Simple and affordable cosmetic dental treatments like composite dental bonding and tooth recontouring can drastically change how your smile looks, just by adjusting a few teeth.

Composite Bonding for Tooth Reshaping

Composite restorations are made of white, tooth colored material that is available in several different shades so that it will perfectly match your natural tooth enamel. It can be placed on just about any surface of your teeth, including near the gumlines to cover up gum recession, on the edges of the teeth for chips and wear, or between the teeth to close in gaps. Placement is simple and usually requires only a very short visit. When minor cosmetic concerns are holding you back, composite bonding is the right choice. 

Tooth Recontouring Makes an Even Smile

Sometimes teeth are naturally uneven, even if they’re healthy. Uneven teeth can make your smile look irregular while it’s still completely healthy. Tooth recontouring is specifically for this purpose – to create fuller, even teeth across your entire smile. Just minor recontouring or bonding of the edges of your teeth can create a dramatic result that makes it look like you have a brand new set of teeth. The treatments are minimally invasive and don’t compromise the health of your tooth; they can be completed in one appointment.

Don’t worry about your smile concern being too big or too small – your dentist has exactly the type of cosmetic treatment that you need. Call your dental office to set up a smile consultation visit!

Posted on behalf of Mitzi Morris, DMD, PC


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