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Is Dental Bonding Really Worth It?

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Dental bonding involves placing a small amount of tooth-colored putty on a tooth and shaping it to fill in a small chip. It’s a fast and cheap solution, which may lead you to wonder if it’s still a high-quality dental procedure.

What Problems Dental Bonding Solves

In short, dental bonding is a worthwhile procedure.

Bonding works wonderfully for chipped tooth repairs. The process is non-invasive, meaning that it doesn’t require any invasive steps or numbing shots. Because bonding is a quick procedure, you don’t need to schedule multiple appointments like you would if you were to get a dental crown.

Many patients love their smiles after bonding, because the treatment is cost-effective and fast. They get instant results without breaking the bank.

Dental Bonding – The Drawbacks

Dental bonding can break off. If you bump your bonded tooth hard enough, the bonding material can pop off, leaving you with a chipped tooth again. To fix that, you may need to have your tooth slightly shaved away a bit to make a clean slate for more bonding. If this happens again and again, your tooth can become too weak for bonding to work anymore.

Dental bonding also has its limits. If your tooth has a large chip or decay, it may need more than a patch-up.

When Dental Bonding Is Not the Answer

Does your tooth need more help than dental bonding can give? Your dentist may recommend a crown or veneer to reinforce your tooth. These options provide more strength and coverage than bonding, and may even last longer.

Talk with a dentist near you to find out whether dental bonding is the right choice for your smile.

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