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Smoothing Uneven Tooth Edges

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Natural or not, uneven tooth edges can make your nearly perfect smile look like there’s something wrong. Thankfully, creating even edges on your teeth isn’t difficult at all. Tooth recontouring can be done using two different methods to create a smile that looks even from one side to the other. It’s ideal for teeth that look uneven, rough, or simply don’t fit in with the appearance of other teeth in your mouth.

Cosmetic Tooth Bonding

Using tooth colored cosmetic materials, your dentist can add shape and texture to the edges of teeth that are chipped, short, or broken. Composite bonding matches your tooth color, so the end results are essentially invisible. The process takes less than an hour to complete and provides you with long-lasting results that can be combined with other types of cosmetic treatments.

Tooth Recontouring

Adjusting the natural contour of your tooth can be done if there is excess enamel on one or a few teeth. Using a small instrument, the tooth is slightly adjusted to reduce its length. This can be done without any anesthesia at all. It’s a perfect choice for teeth that have bumpy edges or individual teeth that are slightly longer than the others. Recontouring is extremely safe and gives you permanent results in just a few minutes.

Tooth reshaping is one of the least invasive ways to enhance the overall appearance of your teeth. In just a few minutes you can experience dramatic results that change everything about the way you look. Ask your dentist if tooth recontouring is an option or can be used in conjunction with your other cosmetic dental treatments.

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