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Three Treatments for Receded Gumlines

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Gum recession can be caused by aggressive toothbrushing, gum disease, or even bruxism/grinding. As the gums creep further down the surface of the tooth, sensitive root structure becomes exposed. Not only does this create an aesthetic concern, but it also makes the teeth susceptible to severe sensitivity and tooth decay. Thankfully there are a few different treatments that can be used in areas of recession to protect the tooth.

Fluoride Varnish

If gum recession is very mild, the only concern may be sensitivity or risk of tooth decay. Having your dentist or hygienist apply a fluoride varnish every 3 months is a perfect way to seal off the pores of dentin (the part of the tooth that is exposed) so that sensitivity is reversed and tooth decay is reduced. Varnish clings to the tooth for several hours, allowing these vital minerals to soak deeply into the tooth tissue, giving you lengthy results. 

Composite Bonding

Tooth colored dental bonding can cover exposed and discolored root surfaces as a measure to restore aesthetics to your smile. Because only the crown of your tooth contains enamel, in areas of gum recession the tooth will appear more yellow. While this is completely normal, it isn’t exactly pretty. Minimally invasive bonding can safely restore these areas to make your teeth look fuller and healthier.

Gingival Grafting

Too much tissue loss can compromise the stability of your tooth. Gum recession from periodontal disease may make the tooth become mobile and eventually fall out. By placing a graft of tissue over the area, the tooth can benefit from a natural support structure that allows it to stay in place for several more years.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Eberhard, Mockingbird Dental Associates


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