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Tooth Recontouring and Bonding

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You have a healthy smile, healthy gums, but you still aren’t happy with how your teeth look. Maybe they’re uneven or have minor irregularities that make you feel self-conscious about their appearance. Thankfully, there’s something you can do to fix all of that without costly or time-consuming treatments that aren’t even in your budget. How? With minimally invasive, comfortable tooth recontouring and bonding.

Recontouring Reshapes Minor Irregularities

The recontouring process is used to smooth areas that are rough, uneven, or jagged. It can be used to help create a more uniform appearance from one side of your smile to the other; allowing teeth to look even and appropriately sized when compared side-by-side. Recontouring is often paired with other procedures like bonding or gingival recontouring for the best overall effect. However, it can also be used on just one or two teeth that may be of a concern.   

Bonding Fills in Broken, Chipped, or Gapped Areas

Tooth colored bonding is an excellent way to repair, rebuild, and reshape teeth with composite material. Composite bonding fuses directly to your tooth enamel, allowing the area of concern to be “rebuilt” so that the tooth appears whole once again. Bonding is an excellent choice for chipped teeth or to fill in spaces so that the tooth looks fuller. It can be combined with other types of treatments such as whitening, recontouring, crowns or veneers. 

Why wait another day when correcting your smile is something that can easily be done in just one visit? Talk to your dentist about scheduling a consult to find out how to have a smile that changes the way you feel every day.

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