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Therapeutic Use of Dermal Fillers and Botox in Dentistry

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You may be familiar with substances like Botox and Juvederm for how they’re used in making facial structures look younger. What place do these products have in a dental office?

Some dentists are seeking to expand their treatment services by offering cosmetic muscle relaxants and facial fillers. But there are more applications for products like Botox and Juvederm than you might guess.

What Else Is Botox Used For?

Botox can be used to treat pain in the TMJ because it relaxes tense muscles in the area. This also makes it handy if you have a problem with clenching your teeth out of stress.

Botox can also be placed around the corners of mouth to keep the edges of the lips from collapsing over each other. If your smile seems rather “gummy,” then relaxing some of the muscles around your lips may help them not open so far over your teeth.

Overactive muscles can create tension in the mouth that makes it hard for dentures and partials to stay in. Botox is a temporary treatment that can enhance retention of removable appliances.

How Can Juvederm Help Your Smile?

Juvederm and other similar fillers can sometimes substitute for gum surgery by plumping up areas to fill in empty gaps around teeth. Plumping up lips themselves may also be necessary to allow for clear speech. As Botox relaxes muscles to improve mouth movement, Juvederm can add structure where needed to make similar improvements.

The Future Of Fillers And Relaxers In Dentistry

Depending on where you live, Botox may be used in dentistry or not. Laws vary from state to state. Ask your dentist about which cosmetic treatments are currently available in your area.

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