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3 Simple Floss Alternatives

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Is flossing more a form of torture than just a daily chore?

Some people genuinely have a hard time flossing.

Flossing challenges typically include:

  • Having fingers too large to fit in your mouth
  • Limited jaw opening
  • Sensitive gag reflex
  • Limited hand dexterity
  • Very crooked and tightly overlapping teeth
  • Braces or other fixed appliances

If you can relate to any of those, then you may need an alternative to the traditional method of flossing with a piece of waxed tape floss.

Try a Water Flosser

A powered flosser shoots a strong flow of water in a steady stream. You can angle it in any direction, keeping your hand outside your mouth the entire time. The water blasts away plaque and debris from tight and hard-to-reach places.

Water flossers are especially handy for braces since the water stream can rinse away bacteria from all sides of the brackets.

Use a Handled Flosser

There are some devices that look a little bit like a toothbrush handle, but instead of bristles there is a U-shaped prong that suspends a small length of floss. You can hold the handle like you would a toothbrush and reach the floss head to those back teeth your fingers can’t get to.

Long-handled flossers are good for those who can’t open wide enough to fit their fingers into their mouths.

Interdental Brush

When all else fails, an interdental brush is a great way to reach those spots between teeth. An interdental or proxy brush has a narrow tip covered in bristles that you can slide between teeth from the outside.

To make sure you choose a flossing alternative that’s right for you, call your dentist to book an exam.

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