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3 Ways Braces Benefit Adult Smiles

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Do you think braces are just for kids?

It might at first seem pointless for adults to wear braces. But there are actually three ways that orthodontic treatment could make major improvements to your smile, no matter what your age is.

  1. Prevent Cavities and Gum Inflammation

Overlapping teeth trap bacteria that irritate gums and wear down tooth enamel. When you open up the spacing between crowded teeth, they won’t collect bacterial plaque as quickly. Straight teeth are healthy teeth! Braces can help adults avoid developing serious oral diseases like periodontitis and tooth decay.

  1. Improve Your Bite

Crooked or overlapping teeth usually experience uneven pressure when you bite down. This extra pressure can cause problems later on in life such as jaw pain, worn down enamel, and even gum recession.

In fact, teeth tipped out of alignment will lean further out of place the more you bite down on them. You can spare your TMJ the extra strain when you proactively correct crooked teeth with braces.

  1. Keep Your Teeth Whiter

An unexpected benefit of straightening teeth is that your smile will stay brighter longer. This is because straight teeth don’t collect stain as quickly as crooked ones do. After a course with braces, your teeth will be easier to keep clean from buildup and your teeth whitening treatments will work quicker.

With so many oral health benefits to consider, it’s not fair to let kids have all the fun! From aligner trays to conventional braces, there’s an orthodontic treatment out there that’s right for you. Ask your family dentist which procedure will make the biggest difference in your smile.

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