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3 Ways to Make Your Braces More Comfortable

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Braces are wonderful for creating your smile into something new! They’re also great for your oral health because straight teeth are easier to clean than ones out of alignment.

But let’s face it: braces can be a real pain while you’re wearing them. Let’s take a look at just three ways you can relieve some of your discomfort and make treatment more comfortable.

  1. Dental Wax and Dental Silicone

The most direct way of dealing with the cause of mouth sores is to put a barrier between your tissues and the brackets or wires. Materials such as dental wax and silicone are great for this. Your orthodontist has likely already given you a sample of it. The wax is usually easier to work with. You just pinch off the amount you need, roll it into a ball, and mold it over the bracket or wire that’s bothering you.

  1. Warm Salt Water Rinse

For an economical, simple, and effective treatment, simply use a salt water rinse. Dissolve about a teaspoon of table salt in one glass of warm tap water. Swish this concoction several times a day to ease the sores on your cheeks and help them heal up faster.

  1. Ice Cream

Eating ice cream can help dull pain from braces – but make sure you brush afterwards!

Really, though, cold foods and drinks can numb your aching teeth or stinging cheeks. It doesn’t have to be ice cream. Even sipping on ice water could do the trick.

Ask your orthodontist for more tips on keeping your smile vibrant and comfortable while you finish up your orthodontic treatment.

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