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Are Braces Bad For My Teeth?

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Thinking about getting braces for the first time?

You might even be wondering whether or not braces are worth the time and effort. Some people believe that braces will do more harm than good. Before you dive into orthodontic treatment, consider some information about braces.

How Braces Affect Enamel

Some people are worried about getting “white spots” on their teeth from braces.

What causes these?

The brackets and bands of braces don’t cause the white spots. But they can host harmful acidic plaque, which causes enamel demineralization. This demineralization makes tooth enamel look lighter.

The best way to avoid these white spots of demineralization is to work hard at keeping your teeth extra clean while wearing braces. Avoid sweet and acidic foods that contribute to demineralization, like soda.

Braces and Tooth Roots

Braces guide teeth into proper position by putting pressure on them. Because teeth are stronger than the surrounding bone, this pressure encourages the bone to reform around the tooth roots.

If teeth are moved with too much force too quickly, the tooth roots can suffer damage. But an experienced orthodontic provider will know just what your teeth need to be safely adjusted!

What You Can Do

Straightening your teeth doesn’t just improve their appearance. By getting your teeth in proper alignment, braces can help your teeth to stay cleaner and healthier and make your bite more comfortable. Braces are definitely worth it!

Excellent oral hygiene is a must if you want your teeth to be sparkling when the braces come off! Cooperate with your dentist’s directions to make your time in braces as short as possible.

Find out more today by scheduling an orthodontic consultation at your nearest dental office.

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