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Braces Are Good for Grownups, Too!

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All the kids are getting braces these days. Many big kids, too! Even some adults past retirement age feel their smile is worth investing in enough to try braces!

Are braces right for you?

How a Straighter Smile Helps Adults

The fact that you’re simply reading this shows that you care about your smile. You may even be into whitening your teeth on a regular basis.

So why straighten your teeth, too?

Well, for one thing, crooked teeth can draw attention in a not-so-great kind of way. They are more likely to collect stain (and the broccoli you had for lunch). A straighter smile will stay cleaner longer and also benefit from a whitening treatment in a more uniform way.

Straight teeth give you the confidence to show them off! A lot of folks view overlapped and widely-spaced teeth as typical of little kids’ smiles. Correcting these problems in your own smile can give you a more mature and professional appearance.

The Health Benefits of Braces

Looks alone aren’t the only area you’ll win in with braces! Because straighter teeth are easier to clean, they’ll be less likely to harbor harmful bacteria. Using orthodontic treatment to nudge your teeth into proper alignment could actually lower your risk for things like cavities and gum disease.

Braces Options Compatible with Your Busy Life

You’re not limited to the classic metal-look. These days, many offices provide options like:

  • Low-visibility tooth-colored braces
  • Invisalign removable trays
  • Removable problem-focused aligners for rapid results

Thanks to options that are comfortable, discreet, and fast, braces are becoming more popular among adults.

Curious to see whether braces are right for you? Contact your dentist for more information.

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