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How Braces Are Healthy for Your Teeth

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Sure, orthodontic treatment pays off when you get those perfectly straight teeth you’ve always wanted. But did you know that braces actually have some great health benefits, too?

Whether braces are on the horizon for you or your child, it’s good to consider the ways oral health can improve through your investment.

1. Gums Will Be Happier

Teeth tipped outwards tend to push on the gums and cause tissue recession. When teeth are shoved together, the gum tissue in-between is prone to inflammation from the plaque bacteria that’s also wedged in the middle.

Getting braces to open up tooth spacing allows your gums to “breathe.”

2. Lowered Risk for Cavities

Decay commonly starts between teeth. If teeth are crowded together, they’re more likely to trap cavity-causing bacteria and acids between them. Braces open up teeth so that there are fewer surfaces in tight contact with each other.

3. Teeth Stay Whiter

Stain is quick to build up in places where teeth overlap or otherwise can’t be reached with a brush. You’d notice that your teeth stay whiter longer after you wear braces.

4. Breath Stays Fresher

Evenly-spaced teeth are less likely to trap smelly bacteria and food particles. The straighter your teeth, the fresher your breath will tend to be.

5. Less Stress on the TMJ

Crooked teeth may be causing your TMJ (jaw joint) to close unevenly. This can lead to more strain on one side of your jaw than the other. Eventually, the discrepancy can lead to a pain, joint disorders, or headaches. Correcting tooth alignment can help your jaw function more effectively.

Learn more about the benefits of braces by contacting your local dentist or orthodontist.

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