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Can My Kid Have Invisalign?

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What’s not to love about getting straight teeth without all that metal in your mouth? You might notice that your son or daughter’s teeth are coming in a bit crooked. And now you wonder whether Invisalign is the answer.

What Your Child’s Teeth Really Need

Most kids need an orthodontic assessment by the age of 7 or 8. If treatment is needed at this age, it focuses on correcting issues in the bone, rather than teeth. It’s not until much later that full braces are considered.

Invisalign will only work once all of the adult teeth have come into place. So if your little one still has some baby teeth to lose, then they aren’t ready for Invisalign just yet!

The Responsibility of Invisalign

Invisalign trays only work when they are worn as directed. We’re talking some 23 hours out of each day. The aligners should only be removed when your child is eating or cleaning their teeth.

Some kids aren’t yet ready for this responsibility. The trays can easily be misplaced or forgotten. If your child can’t wear the trays almost constantly, then the treatment won’t be effective.

Invisalign can cost just about the same as regular braces. So you risk wasting a considerable expense if your child isn’t mature enough to use the trays properly.

Get a Professional Opinion

Start with a trip to your local dentist. He or she will help you get an idea of where your child is at in tooth development and give you recommendations for orthodontists or Invisalign dentists in your area.

Who knows? Invisalign could be just the thing! A professional evaluation will get you more information.

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