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Choosing the Right Invisalign Provider

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So, you want Invisalign…now what? Who do you see? What office should you go to? With so many providers available, you want to make the best choice. After all, it’s your smile that we’re talking about.

Invisalign uses preferred providers that have been expertly trained in the unique application of the Invisalign orthodontic systems. Orthodontists and dentists can all be very qualified to provide comprehensive Invisalign treatment, even though their practices provide a wide variety of services. Check with Invisalign to find out what providers in your area have been trained and are certified through Invisalign for the clear braces.

It never hurts to get a second opinion when you’re investing in your smile. Comparing one provider to another can help you feel more confident in your choice as well as ensure that you have the best provider. Is the office professional? How long does the provider say your treatment is going to last? Is the treatment plan electronic, allowing you to see the virtual effects of treatment before it even begins? Some providers offer other methods of clear braces that are similar to Invisalign, but actually are not. In some places, they even call it Invisalign, except it’s not. Always do your homework to find out if the dentist or orthodontist is an actual certified Invisalign provider.

Making the choice to have Invisalign is a rewarding experience that will help you get the smile that you’ve been dreaming of. The comfort, convenience, and appearance of Invisalign can give you an orthodontic experience unlike any other. Everything is easier with Invisalign: eating, oral hygiene, and talking. Make the right choice for a straighter smile!

Posted on behalf of Linda King DDS


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