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Clear Braces for Adults

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Adults make excellent orthodontic patients. For one, they are committed to seeing their treatment is as successful as possible. Secondly, adults take excellent care of their orthodontic appliances. Lastly, having straighter teeth as an adult can be extremely beneficial to the health of your smile.

Unfortunately, most adults don’t want to bother wearing braces with traditional brackets and wires. That’s why clear braces are such a great way for adults to enjoy straighter. With clear braces, adults can enjoy a straighter smile without anyone else knowing that they are wearing orthodontic appliances.

The type of clear braces that you choose will depend on the needs of your smile. Some types of clear braces are made from plastic alignment trays; these trays snap in and out over your teeth similar to a whitening tray or retainer. Other types of clear braces use ceramic brackets and clear wires that blend in with your teeth; these types of braces work the way traditional braces do, but they are less noticeable when you talk or smile. Depending on the severity of your tooth misalignment needs, most adults complete their orthodontic treatment within 12-24 months. The type of braces that you choose may impact the length of your treatment.

Investing in clear braces as an adult can have many benefits for your oral health. Straighter teeth are less likely to have to decay, gum disease, and premature wear that is often seen in crooked teeth. Correcting the tooth misalignment as early as possible can help you enjoy greater oral health and less dental treatment over time.

Are clear braces right for you? Schedule a bite analysis with your dentist to find out.

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