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Closing Gaps Between Your Front Teeth

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A diastema is a gap or space between your two front teeth. Not incredibly uncommon, diastemas are usually inherited from your parents and due to a small muscle that wraps across the area just between those teeth. While it can add personality to your smile, some people dislike them and want to know what there is to fill this space in. Depending on the size of your teeth and the diastema, there are a few different options that are usually available:


Tooth colored bonding can be applied to the sides of the two front teeth to make them appear wider. This filling-type material is shaped so that it comes up against the other tooth, thus closing in the gap. This is ideal when space is minimal, because bulky bonding will only make the teeth look fake. 


Porcelain or resin veneers are perfect for reshaping the front teeth to make them look straighter, fuller and whiter. They are typically recommended across 4 to 6 teeth at a time to correct anything from diastemas to short or crooked teeth. 


Orthodontic alignment of the teeth can be used to naturally close the diastema without performing any other treatment in the mouth. Sometimes it may also be necessary to clip the muscle between the two front teeth before bringing them in together. A fixed retainer is typically bonded behind the two teeth to keep them from drifting apart after your treatment.

There may be other options available, depending on the severity of your diastema. Just know that it’s never embarrassing to ask your dentist what can be done to fix it! Find out what your options are during your next dental exam.

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