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Is Cosmetic Ortho Right for Your Teen?

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Your teenage son or daughter has been complaining about their teeth for a while now.

It’s a small gap or twisted tooth that doesn’t seem to be causing any trouble.

The family dentist says it’s nothing to worry about as long as your teen keeps all their teeth clean and healthy.

But your son or daughter just wants an even smile they can show off with confidence.

Are they ready for a course of cosmetic orthodontic treatment?

See an Orthodontist

The first step is to see a specialist who knows everything about tooth alignment.

You want to make sure that your teen’s cosmetic issue isn’t connected to something larger. What may look like a little gap could actually be an anatomical problem with bite alignment. A couple overlapping teeth may even signify that wisdom teeth are coming in.

At the consultation, you’ll find out your teen’s best options for correcting tooth positioning.

Is Your Teen Physically and Mentally Ready?

When it comes to cosmetic orthodontia, the most popular route is a removable aligner or tray. These are commonly called invisible braces because the aligners are clear and barely noticeable.  Removable aligners require a little more self-discipline than traditional braces.

Your teen must be prepared for the responsibility of wearing the aligner as directed. Failure to comply can negate any progress made.

Another thing you have to consider is physical development.

Most kids’ jaws don’t stop forming until they’ve reached age 16, 18, or even older. Your dentist and orthodontist will help you determine an age-appropriate method for straightening teeth in a still-maturing jaw.

Weigh Your Options

In the end, a cosmetic issue may be resolved with something as simple as dental bonding. You just won’t know the right solution until you’ve discussed them all with your dentist or orthodontist. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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