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Cosmetic Tooth Alignment for Adults

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Do you have minor crowding or crooked teeth at the front of your smile? If you do – then it might be worth it to look into minor tooth alignment options! These modernized forms of orthodontics make it easy for adults to enjoy straighter smiles without the lengthy treatments or appliances used in traditional braces.

Traditional braces focus on moving and realigning all of the teeth in your mouth. Cosmetic braces are used to adjust the alignment of only the front teeth, which are typically addressed at the every end of conventional treatments. This way, you can enjoy the aesthetic benefits of orthodontic therapy without focusing on the areas that are not important to you.

By directing the entire treatment toward the position of the front teeth, patients see faster results in their teeth straightening process without waiting months or years. Depending on the severity of the tooth movement needs, some patients complete their treatment in as few as 6 months. You can get a better idea of your treatment timeframe during your private evaluation.

Are they safe? Absolutely. The entire process is simplified because it focuses on only moving the front teeth. It won’t harm your other teeth whatsoever, or be too drastic for the health of the ones being aligned.

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