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Do Clear Braces Really Work?

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If you’ve wanted to straighten your teeth, you’ve probably looked into all of your options – including clear braces. But do clear braces really work? Can they give you the same straight smile that you get with conventional braces? Absolutely!

Clear braces can use removable aligners or even “invisible” appliances that aren’t noticeable on the teeth. With options like this, your orthodontic provider can help you correct the position of teeth that are crowded, crooked, gapped and misaligned. Most patients enjoy shorter treatments with their clear braces because of how efficiently they work. There is less pressure, more comfort, and the freedom to enjoy an aesthetic option that really straightens teeth. With options like removable aligners, you have more flexibility than conventional treatments.

Some patients choose clear braces simply to improve the way their front teeth look, rather than their entire bite. These treatments can be completed in as quickly as 6 months in certain cases. The type of tooth movement needed will impact the length of treatment. Alignment style braces also require fewer appointments.

Adults find clear braces highly convenient, as they allow them to enjoy healthier, straighter teeth without other people ever realizing that they are undergoing orthodontic therapy. Clear braces are perfect for teenagers and adults of all ages.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of clear braces and the confidence that a straighter smile can give you? Make an informed choice about having straighter teeth; call your clear braces provider to schedule an orthodontic evaluation today. Your dentist will carefully assess your bite, take any necessary x-rays and review all of your options with you. You won’t regret learning more, but you will regret not asking at all!

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