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Fast Braces for Adults

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It may be more convenient to have braces when you’re young. Once you are older and busy with financial and social obligations, it may seem that you’d never have time for braces. But it’s not as involved as you may think. If you desire straighter teeth, braces are still a possibility.

“Speed Braces”

Accelerated orthodontics typically requires frequent office visit for adjustments, but the upside is that you only wear the braces for three to eight months. Time varies depending upon the severity of the case, but traditional braces definitely need to be on for a year and a half or more. Are you looking forward to an important event within the next year? A graduation or wedding, perhaps? Well, you can plan to have a straight, confident smile, just in time for the big day!

Accelerated orthodontics involves a minimally invasive surgical stimulation of bone at localized sites to encourage more rapid movement of the teeth through the bone.

Esthetic Options

Accelerated orthodontics are usually available in ceramic brackets and tooth-colored wires so that your braces are far more subtle than the traditional metal ones. There are other metal options available that are still more conservative and chic in design than those typically provided for kids.

Helping Your Health

By giving “speed braces” a try, you will significantly improve your smile AND your oral health. Straight and properly spaced teeth are easily kept clean and healthy.

Investing in braces now is investing in a future of improved aesthetics as well as oral health, and we all need that! Ask your dentist today about what “fast braces” are available to you.

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