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How to Get Relief if Your Braces Are Irritating Your Cheeks

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Braces can sometimes be uncomfortable. Loose wires or bulky metal brackets may irritate your mouth and leave you with small, ulcer-like sores. These tiny wounds may not be noticeable to many others, but they interfere with your everyday life, making simple things like talking and eating very uncomfortable.

You have the option of just enduring the irritation for a couple weeks. Eventually, the small ulcers will heal and your cheeks and lips will develop callouses as they “toughen up.”

But you don’t have to suffer needlessly. There are a few ways you can get relief from braces pain right away.

Swish with warm salt water.

This remedy is relied on to relieve types of dental discomfort. The salt helps bring down swelling and promotes healing.

Have a popsicle.

Chewing on ice isn’t great for teeth, but slowly sucking on something cool like ice cream or an ice pop is a good way to numb sore tissues in your mouth.

Use Orajel.

An over-the-counter oral numbing medication can get you relief right away. Dab a little of the paste on sore spots and feel the sting just melt away.

Avoid painful foods.

Mouth sores will heal faster and feel much better if you avoid sour things that irritate them. Stay away from foods like tomato sauce and citrus fruits.

Place a barrier.

You’ll get immediate relief if you can put something between your cheeks and the brackets. There are many products out there, which you just wrap over the brackets and/or wires including:

  • Dental wax and silicone
  • ComfortBrace strips
  • Lip protectors

Ask your dentist or orthodontist about more products and methods that can help you get relief from sharp orthodontic appliances.

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