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How Much Do Invisible Braces Cost?

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Invisible Braces can give you an invaluable smile! Patients are given a new lease on life when they experience the benefits of a beautiful, straight smile. But just what price do you put on this smile?

Pricing for invisible braces such as the Invisalign procedure is highly variable. The cost of invisible braces depends upon a couple of factors.


Cost can depend upon the economy of the area in which you are seeking treatment. Some offices need to charge more to keep up with the expense of running a dental practice in a given demography. The price you are quoted for invisible braces is in proportion with other expenses of the area you choose to go for treatment.

The Complexity of Your Case

After your bite is assessed for necessary changes, the recommended treatment with the invisible braces trays is determined based upon how complicated your case is. Some individuals require more time with the trays to get the desired results. Others need for more specialized changes to be made to the trays so that their teeth can be comfortably brought into proper alignment. These factors will affect the quoted price for the full treatment.

A Savings, In the End

Invisible braces can revolutionize your smile, changing the way you form relationships, secure new jobs, and close successful business deals. These returns in life are what make your new smile absolutely priceless. Additionally, invisible braces do not require as many office visits as regular braces do, saving you time, and as many say, “time is money!”

Invisible braces typically costs about the same as regular braces. However, people generally find that the benefits of choosing invisible braces over traditional braces make it the far more cost-effective option. To learn more about how invisible braces can help you, ask your dentist for a personalized consultation.

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