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How to Keep Your Teeth Clean When You Wear Braces

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One of the biggest challenges that are presented when you wear braces is how to keep your teeth as clean as possible. After all, even a few areas of missed plaque can cause white lines or circles to permanently develop across your teeth. Inadequate cleaning can also cause gingival inflammation, causing gums to swell and even appear as if they are growing over your orthodontic appliances. Thankfully, a great home care routine can prevent and reverse problems such as these.

Get above your brackets. One of the most commonly missed areas when you brush around braces is the area between the bracket and the gumlines. You may decide to brush over or under the brackets, and then come back and brush above them next to the gums. Be sure to pull your lip back far enough to allow easy access. This area is typically missed simply to people being in too big of a rush when they are brushing.

Get between your brackets (and your teeth.) Brushing alone will not clean the areas between your teeth. Flossing with a floss threader or water flosser will ensure that bacteria between the teeth are removed, so that you do not develop cavities. Small hand-held proxa-brushes are perfect for brushing the areas between your brackets, under the wires. These short brushes look like a small pipe cleaner, and can be used quite a few times before being discarded.

A few extra minutes each day can save you hours of dental work later on…you’ve made the investment in your braces, now it’s time to make the investment to keep your teeth healthy at the same time!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Hye Park


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