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Is Accelerated Ortho Safe?

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When it comes to having a straighter smile, everyone wants beautiful results and they want them fast. Thankfully, some advancements in the field of orthodontics have opened the way to enjoying faster treatment.

Does it work? And even more importantly, is accelerated orthodontic treatment safe? It’s time to find out whether “fast braces” are right for you.

Age is More Than a Number

First of all, braces are almost always recommended only for those with a mature dentition. That is, having all adult teeth in place.

Kids and pre-teens are still going through crucial growth. Teeth are still forming inside the bone, and the jaw hasn’t reached its full potential. Some orthodontic treatment can help kids maintain the space needed for adult teeth to come in. But kids’ teeth should never be forced into another position any sooner than they are ready to!

If you’re an adult or teen looking to improve your tooth alignment, then yes, accelerated ortho is safe and could shorten your time spent wearing braces.

How You Can Speed Up Treatment

Just what is accelerated ortho? Teeth can only move so fast. But if you prioritize treatment to one localized spot in your mouth, then it won’t take as long (and it’s still safe.)

Accelerated ortho focuses on correcting the teeth you see when you smile. Straightening a few front teeth takes only a matter of months. Compare that to straightening all of your teeth for two years or more!

What this comes down to is what your teeth need. If you can get away with straightening just the front teeth, then you might want to give accelerated ortho a try.

Talk with your dentist or orthodontist to learn about what options are best for your smile needs.

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