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Three Problems Caused By Crooked Teeth

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What’s so bad about having crooked teeth? Unfortunately, there is more to the issue than a mere cosmetic concern. Even if you aren’t bothered by the appearance of crooked teeth, you need to be aware of some serious problems that can develop as a result.

Jaw Pain

When teeth don’t fit together as they naturally should, this can put unnatural stress on the jaw. Your bite could be uneven because some teeth close together sooner than others. Perhaps you even find yourself chewing more on one side of your mouth than on the other because of having misaligned teeth. This can be taxing on your TMJ (temporomandibular joint) because you’re not working the muscles evenly.

Gum Disease

Teeth that overlap or are tilted at unusual angles are harder to keep clean and tend to trap more disease-causing plaque than teeth that are in normal alignment. Your teeth may even be too tightly packed together to properly floss and brush them. This sets you up for a greater chance of gum disease. Once gum disease sets in, it can be harder to treat it and then keep your teeth clean if they are crooked.


Crooked teeth are at an increased risk for developing cavities for the same reason that your gums would be prone to disease as well. If teeth are crammed together, floss probably won’t get in there too well, but cavity-causing bacteria will!

Crooked teeth are difficult to keep clean and trap harmful bacteria. They can even alter your bite. You can spare yourself some major problems down the road by visiting your dentist to learn about orthodontic options that are right for you.

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