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Types of Clear Adult Braces

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Adult orthodontics helps people enjoy healthier, straighter smiles regardless of how mature someone may be. It’s not uncommon to hear of adults in their 70s or 80s having braces. But adults are also concerned about a major factor surrounding orthodontic treatment: their appearance. Are clear braces really an option, and if they are, how do they work?

Clear Brackets and Wires

Similar to regular braces in design, clear braces have tooth-colored or clear ceramic brackets and appliances that blend in with your tooth. However, they still offer the precise detail and benefits of conventional braces (just without the metal!) These brackets are also smaller than conventional orthodontics and do not require colorful bands or wire ligatures in the process.

From across the room, most people can’t even tell if there is anything on your teeth. 

Clear Alignment Trays

Alignment tray orthodontics feature completely clear plastic aligners that snap right over your teeth. They are completely removable for easy oral hygiene or meals, also making them easy to care for. Clear aligners truly are clear, and even if you are having a face to face discussion with someone else, they will not be able to tell that you have anything on your teeth.

You see…it is possible to enjoy a straight smile without wearing metal brackets and wires. Now you have no more excuses about wanting a straighter smile that is easier to care for. The options really are tailored for adults just like you.

To find out which types of braces are right for you or to learn about how long your treatment would take, schedule your no-fuss orthodontic evaluation today.

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