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Which Come First – Braces or Restorations?

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You’ve been thinking about getting braces for a while. But now your dentist is recommending that you have a few fillings or even a crown. Which procedure should come first?

Prioritizing Risks and Treatment

Surprisingly, braces are very important to your dental health! Crooked teeth tend to trap disease-causing bacteria and they’re harder to clean than straight ones. By evening out your smile with braces, you lower your risk for problems like cavities and gum disease.

However, it can be difficult to place fillings on teeth with wires in the way! If you have tooth decay, it cannot be neglected. It won’t do you much good to straighten teeth as they continue to decay.

Are Fillings and Crowns Affected by Braces?

Your teeth can still safely have orthodontic treatment even when they have fillings or crowns. Braces are attached onto the visible portion of the teeth and encourage the entire tooth to move through the bone.

A filled or crowned tooth is still a complete tooth, root and all. Dental implants, however, are a different story.

Braces Make Space for Implants

A dental implant is a special metal screw that heals and fuses into the surrounding bone. This cannot be moved with braces! It’s best to improve the spacing of your teeth with braces and later on, fill in the gap with a dental implant if that is your preference.

In short, braces are most effective when damage is repaired before beginning orthodontic treatment. After your teeth are gently nudged back into proper position, you can start making plans for filling in empty spaces, if needed.

Talk with your local dentist for more information on how to begin your own smile makeover!

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