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Won’t My Kid’s Teeth Straighten Out By Themselves?

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Like a lot of parents, you may worry that orthodontic treatment is:

  • “Unnatural”
  • Damaging to bone and tooth roots
  • Expensive

Whatever the reason, many folks are turned away from the idea of braces. They pin their hopes on the imagined chance that their children’s teeth will gradually and naturally straight out.

Is there any basis for this reasoning?

Normal Tooth Spacing is Age-Dependent

As the adult take over the places baby teeth once rested in, things get a little messy!

Permanent teeth grow in as the jaw expands. Some adult teeth come in before the baby teeth are out of the way. All of this change leads to some overlapping and big gaps.

For instance, the bottom front teeth often erupt towards the tongue. This can be a little alarming, but these teeth actually should straighten out on their own.

If most teeth can naturally even out, at what point are braces necessary?

Early Ortho Evaluations Save Smiles!

It’s a good idea for kids to visit an orthodontist by around the age of 7. This is a great time for the dentist to see how tooth development is progressing and anticipate how severe problems can be. At this point, a crooked bite is likely due to problems that just cannot correct themselves. Early treatment will focus on making sure that there is enough space in the mouth for all the adult teeth.

By getting orthodontic treatment as soon as possible, your child can avoid having more complicated treatment down the road. A healthy adult smile begins by correcting problems now!

Talk with your dentist for more information on why and when braces might be necessary for your child.

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