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3 Things to Consider When Having a Smile Makeover

The decision to have a smile makeover is an exciting one! This is your opportunity for a fresh start and a major confidence-boost. But there are many different elements to consider before pursuing treatment, namely, exactly what it is you’d like to change about your smile. Let’s discuss at least three important areas:

Tooth color–teeth darken with age and stain from food, drinks, and tobacco use. Teeth that are brighter appear more youthful and convey the positive impression of health and confidence. The age and nature of stain in a tooth determines which treatment is best for recreating a stunning white smile. This could range from whitening to having veneers placed.

Tooth alignment–the alignment of your teeth affects the health of your gums, your risk of tooth decay, and how easily you are able to keep your teeth clean. Not only this, but how straight your teeth are can affect your confidence in showing off your smile.

Gum health–beautiful white straight teeth are the goal, but your gums and the underlying ligaments and bone are what keep them in place! Your gums also need attention if they are to continue serving you well, because it’s easier to keep them healthy than it is to eliminate disease.

There are plenty of other factors you’ll want to consider before having a smile makeover (the length of teeth, the way your teeth fit together when you bite, the appearance of worn or chipped teeth, to name a few). Take a good look at your smile and make a list of what you would like to see changed. Discuss your interests with your dentist!

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