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6 Ways to Get a More Photogenic Smile

These tips will help you feel confident in front of a camera.

Find Your Good Side

Very few people have perfectly symmetrical faces. Take a minute alone to look at your face in a mirror, turning your head from side to side. Does your face look more balanced when you tilt the right or left side towards the viewer? This will help you decide on your “good” side that you want to have angled towards the camera.

Smile with Your Eyes

A forced grin doesn’t suit anyone. Instead, think of someone you love or something that fills you with happiness. Squint your eyes instead of stretching them wide open. Let your mouth relax and gently curl into a slight smile. This will look better than trying to show all of your teeth at once.

Say Money Instead of Cheese

Saying “cheese” for pictures yields big, forced, and well, cheesy smiles. But saying a word like “money” or “honey” opens your mouth vertically for a more natural-looking smile.

Now that you know some posing tricks, here are a few ways to change your smile itself for the better.

Whiten Your Teeth

Teeth bleaching is a simple and instant confidence boost. Whitening takes years off your smile and makes you less self-conscious about showing it off.

Try Crown Lengthening

Sick of having a gummy smile? Your dentist may be able to reshape your gums to help more of your natural teeth to show up.

Get Dental Veneers

Veneers are the lasting solution for covering unsightly gaps, chips, and stains in your teeth.

For more tips on getting a healthy and gorgeous photo-ready smile, talk with a cosmetic dentist in your area.

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