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When you think about improving your smile, whitening may be first thing that comes to mind.

A white smile is fashionable and lends the impression of youth and health. But whitening your teeth could have little effect if you don’t take care of other big problems.

Think Pink!

Okay, so it’s not just pink. Healthy gums come in a range of colors. No matter the hue, your gums should be healthy! Infected gums are not pretty when they are puffy and bleed. Receded gums expose the sensitive and yellow roots of teeth.

Gum tissue won’t grow back on its own, but there are very effective techniques for filling in receding areas. Grafting techniques take advantage of healthy tissue and move it to cover where it’s been lost.

White teeth will stand out even better against a backdrop of healthy gums! Definitely look into having your gum health evaluated at regular checkups.

Fill in the Gaps

Cosmetic dentistry involves not just enhancing existing teeth, but replacing missing ones, as well.

A dental implant, for example, has cosmetic benefits and will last longer than a bridge or removable partial denture. It won’t damage any of the neighboring teeth like a bridge can.

An implant preserves the cosmetic appeal of your teeth in another way. Gaps in your smile leave room for other teeth to shift out of alignment. Try to keep your smile in line by bridging the gap with a dental implant.

Talk with your dentist about creating a customized plan for giving your smile a makeover. Teeth whitening is a great idea, but there are other procedures out there for you to take advantage of!

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