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A Better Smile with a Trial Smile

If you’ve ever wanted to know what your teeth would look like, that is, really look like after cosmetic dental treatment – now there’s a way! A trial smile could give you the answer to how your teeth will look and feel after a makeover or treatment like bonding, veneers, or porcelain crowns.

Trial smile are non-permanent cosmetic “makeovers” that use tooth colored materials to cover your untreated natural teeth. The material is colored and shaped according to your cosmetic goals and no tooth preparation is needed. After your dentist places it, you are able to look into the mirror to see exactly what is possible through cosmetic therapy. This may include the size and shapes of your teeth, contours of the teeth, or even tooth color. Changes can be made based on your input, well in advance of any permanent type of procedure being performed. Since this smile is not permanent, it won’t stay on your teeth but it will give you a chance to look ahead and see exactly what is possible when it comes to a smile makeover.

Many of us are apprehensive about asking our dentist for a smile makeover when we don’t know what the treatment will even look like. With a trial smile you can change all of that. Now you can envision it well before you even set up your treatment appointments.

See with your own eyes what your smile could look like, simply by having your dentist complete a trial smile on you. By doing so, you’ll know exactly how you want to move forward during the smile makeover process. Ask your dentist about scheduling a trial smile for you this week!

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